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On the philosophy of language and mind

Prof. Eros Corazza

23 February 2024

(First meeting)

ILCLI Seminar

Heidi Maibom (Ikerbasque - ILCLI - UPV/EHU):
"How to think about co-experienced emotions"

7 February 2024

Room 4
Carlos Santamaria Zentroa

ILCLI Seminar

Miguel Ángel Sebastián (UNAM):
"Perspectival Information and the Knowledge Argument"

11 January 2024

Room 5
Carlos Santamaria Zentroa

Seminar on Language and Communication

María de Ponte (ILCLI):
"Quine’s Pyrrhic victory. A defense of reference and modality"

14 December 2023

Room 5
Carlos Santamaria Zentroa



How to think about co-experienced emotions

ILCLI Seminar

Emotions are usually theorized as stand alone phenomena. But many emotions co-occur. We often feel ambivalent about things, for example. Certain types of emotions tend to come together, such as empathic distress and sympathy or guilt and shame. In this paper, I examine such co-occurrences with a view to their consequence for how we think of emotions.

Heidi Maibom

Ikerbasque - ILCLI


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The research group on Language, Action, and Thought ---at the Institute of Logic, Cognition, Language and Information (ILCLI)--- mostly focuses on the Philosophy of Language and Mind as well as on the Philosophy of Action. Most of its members are philosophers  but it also includes linguists, psychologists and logicians. 

An important part of our research has evolved around Critical Pragmatics, a theory created and developed by some of us, with applications to the study of linguistic communication, and important assumptions and implications about thought and action.

During the last decade, we have received several grants from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), the Basque Government and the Government of Spain. 


Address: ILCLI. UPV/EHU. Carlos Santamaria Zentroa.

Elhuyar Plaza 2. 20018. Donostia

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